Decentralized platforms offer a solution

However, blockchain offers a break from this approach. A decentralized platform such as GWALLET.TECH (soon to be launched) with no inbuilt bias provides a more even environment, but it will do more with unique anchors and trusted communication method. While much is made in the media of the anonymity of blockchain derived assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens or even token, this can be deceiving. Yes, blockchain enables interactions without revealing identities, however, that does not mean without accountability.

Building Positivity

A blockchain based platform for human communication enjoys a level of accountability that can help to combat the worst of online behavior, but importantly, also promotes free access to information, interaction and knowledge that current systems do not. The very nature of such a platform, decentralized with no central influence, ensures that there is no skewing of the platform towards a specific agenda and the negativity that often provides more income to those in control.



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